Employee health and wellbeing programs

SPA Medical offers employee wellbeing programs (including health assessments) anywhere in the UK and there is no maximum or minimum number of employees that that we require in order to work with you. Our unique ethos of advocacy and flexibility means we never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and as such we treat our business clients as partners with the shared aim of creating a healthy workforce.

This flexibility not only allows clients the choice of our three specifically designed wellness programs but we are even able to design bespoke wellness programs based on our clients’ needs and budgets. We don’t advertise the cost because this aspect is also flexible and is based on the number of employees and the chosen package of services – suffice to say however, clients will find us highly competitive when compared to other providers of employee benefits.

Clients that choose our employee health & wellbeing programs are eligible for up to a 20% discount on our first aid training.

What’s included in our employee wellbeing packages?

  • Choice of Health Assessment
  • Unlimited 12 Month Health Advice
  • Unlimited 12 Month Counselling Service
  • Mental Health Assessment Tool – Unique to SPA Medical
  • Dietary and Nutrition Advice
  • Bespoke Personal Training Service
  • All Services Provided by Healthcare Professionals
  • Unique Monthly Payment Scheme after Deposit

Employee wellness services

Our sole aim is to keep your employees healthy, happy, and at work. To that end, we have developed a three-pronged approach to ensure that you get the best from your most important asset.

Our suggested wellness programs

We work with clients to create bespoke programs to meet their different needs; or clients are free to choose from our three ready designed programs which cater for differing budgets and requirements. Also included with all our employee wellness programs is access to the unique client area of our website, from this area your employees will have access to:  

  • Unlimited use of our 12 month health advice service
  • Unlimited use of our employee counselling service
  • Unlimited use of our mental health assessment tool
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View a sample report

All of your employees receive a personal health report that has been compiled by one of our professionally registered clinicians. Each report contains the following information:

  • Full documentation of the actual results with a free text area where the unique notes compiled by our clinicians are displayed.
  • A full explanation of the tests and measurements we undertook and why we perform those tests and measurements.
  • The ACTUAL lung function and ECG tracings that each client produces are transferred to each report.

Our health reports – detailed, unique and informative; and being healthcare professionals we can make GP referrals to improve your employees health where it is necessary.

Medical Health Reports
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