Why should i spend money on health & wellbeing programs for my employees?

It is well known that health assessments and other employee health benefits reduce employee absence, and given that one in thirty full time employees will be absent for a month or more it is very likely that the initial cost of wellbeing programs will be outweighed by financial returns in terms of reduced sickness. This is why so many of the top UK companies offer their staff voluntary health assessments and other wellbeing packages. For example, if twenty employees were to undertake health assessments and they prevented just one having long term absence the cost of the health assessments would be outweighed. *Please see the Business Benefits page for more details.

Where do the health assessments take place?

The health assessments usually take place in a private room at our clients’ premises, although we can make arrangements for them to be at a nearby location if required. Depending on the level of assessment each one takes between thirty minutes to an hour.

Can you tell me more about the certificate?

We provide all clients with a unique and named certificate to show they have invested in the wellbeing of their staff. We can provide multiple copies of the certificate (including software versions) that the client may choose to display in public places or on their website.

How many people do you usually refer for further investigations?

The sad fact is that many chronic illnesses in the UK are on the rise. We refer anyone where we believe an early intervention will benefit that person and reduce the future implications of an illness. On average we refer one in every seven people to their GP. And, on one occasion we are pleased to say it is highly likely we prevented an early death.

Are the results confidential?

Yes, all test results are completely confidential between us and your employee as required by our clinicians’ code of conduct. The only exception to this is if our clinician thinks it is wise to refer any test results to your employees General Practitioner or another health professional – however, this can only take place with the employees’ consent and understanding. You will however receive a full group health metric of your staff.

Can we see your credentials?

Of course. We are insured to the value of £1 million, each of our clinicians is professionally registered, and each has had a Criminal Records Bureau check – all of the documents particular to these credentials are available on request.

Can an employee refuse a particular test in the health assessment?

Yes. However, many of the tests depend on each other for the most accurate picture of a persons’ health, therefore refusal of a particular test is not recommended.

Can a friend or colleague sit in with the employee?

Yes, in fact this is encouraged as long as the employee accepts that their friend or colleague will hear their test results and any conversations pertaining to them.

Is this service a replacement for a general practitioner?

No, health assessments are designed to provide a general picture of health. Unlike a General Practitioner we do not have access to medical records or complete medical histories. We will contact an employees’ General Practitioner, with their consent, if we think that there is anything he or she should be aware of.

Can employees get a duplicate copy of their health assessment summary?

Yes, in line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 employees can request duplicate copies at any time. Any requests should be made in writing and sent to the address on our website. Unfortunate