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As the pace of life and our society becomes increasingly fast and complex, the human body is subjected to more health impacts than ever before. These impacts range from stress to poor diet to insufficient sleep. This is compounded by our coping methods which often include other things that are bad for us whether it’s alcohol, tobacco, coffee and other stimulants.

In today’s busy world, health assessments are a great way to take charge and proactively monitor your health.

We can’t individually change society but we can look after ourselves; and informed with facts about our own health and well-being we can take measures to mitigate any adverse effects our lifestyles may bring and make any necessary changes to generally improve our quality of health.

We consider it our job to keep you well and healthy.

SPA Medical understands that good health doesn’t only relate to employees, many of our private clients undertake health assessments due to a specific concern or simply for peace of mind. Therefore we offer the same great service to clients in their own homes.

Our services

  • Choice of health assessment
  • Health assessments in your home
  • Qualified and registered healthcare professionals
  • Specifically chosen high quality equipment
  • HCP consultation at the time of the assessment
  • Unique full colour report after the assessment
  • HCP GP referral if required

What’s included?

The measurements we take in our health assessments are designed to provide a good indication as to the heath of each person we visit. The health assessments we undertake for private clients specifically cater for those who require comprehensive measurements for personal concerns or simply for peace of mind. The assessment comprises some seventeen tests and forty-nine measurements.

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Why have an SPA Medical health assessment?

Spa Medical provides you with a one-to-one consultation by one of our senior healthcare professionals in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and because  the tests and measurements we take are performed by our healthcare professionals you can be confident of a competent service.

During your assessment you will receive a detailed explanation of your results and you will be free to ask questions at any point. In addition you will also receive a unique colour report , and where necessary we can (with your consent) make a referral to your own GP if we discover any anomalous results.

Our personal health reports are compiled by our professionally registered clinicians. Each report contains the following information:

  • Full documentation of the actual results with a free text area where the unique notes compiled by our clinicians are displayed.
  • A full explanation of the tests and measurements we undertook and why we performed those tests and measurements.
  • The ACTUAL lung function and ECG tracings that each client produces are transferred to each report.

One of our healthcare professionals giving a one-to-one consultation

A sample report similar to the one you’ll receive from your health check

Medical Health Reports
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