Service terms and conditions

General limitations of health assessments

SPA Medical Services Ltd health assessments are designed as a proactive means to examine certain aspects of health, in particular cardiopulmonary health (heart, circulation and lung) and various risk factors associated with those aspects of your health. Our health assessments may determine the presence or absence of factors that may provide an indication of certain medical conditions or illnesses. You should understand the following limitations:

  1. A health assessment that provides completely normal results does not guarantee that illnesses or medical conditions (including sudden and serious medical conditions) will not occur at a later date or even immediately after the health assessment.
  2. A health assessment that provides abnormal test results does not guarantee that any illnesses or medical conditions particular to that or those test results exists; it is simply an indication for further investigations.
  3. A health assessment is not a substitute for your general practitioner; health assessments may indicate the presence or absence of a condition which your General Practitioner may seek to investigate further. Health assessment appointments should not be made in place of regular contact with your General Practitioner.
  4. If the information requested on the ‘Current Health Status’ form is inaccurate it could have implications for any referral plan we may recommend. SPA Medical Services Ltd will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate results (or any action or inaction that arises in light of those results) as a consequence of inaccurate information that has been provided to us.

Specific limitations – 12 lead electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram (ECG) machine employs highly sophisticated technology to capture the electrical signals emanating from the heart, and to turn these signals into a readable rhythm. Like any technology there are circumstances where ECG machines may not perform in the way they are designed to, this can be due to a number of factors. Furthermore, while your clinician is trained to examine and interpret many ECG readings they are not trained at the level of a consultant cardiologist. Clients should be aware that SPA Medical Services Ltd clinicians will interpret ECG readings to the level at which they are qualified and within the scope of their practice. Therefore the following limitations apply:

  1. On occasion the ECG reading may not be readable, this may be due to client movement (shaking), external electrical activity near the client, or any other factor that causes ECG artefact. Where an ECG reading is not obtainable clients will not be charged for the ECG.
  2. In rare circumstances clinicians may be presented with an unfamiliar ECG rhythm to which they are unable to provide a clear indication of condition; this will be explained to clients as and when it occurs. In any event 12 lead ECGs will always be passed to a paramedic practitioner or doctor for a second opinion.

Implications of health assessments

Health assessments are a proactive way in which an individual can monitor certain aspects of their overall health. They offer the potential of peace of mind and/or an opportunity to address small health issues before they become greater issues. SPA Medical Services Ltd will always seek to refer clients to another appropriate health care professional if we detect an anomalous reading. Clients should be aware that any referral will become part of their medical records. And, if their general practitioner investigates the referral and discovers a medical condition it may:

  1. Increase the cost of certain insurance policies including life insurance, health insurance, and car insurance.
  2. Conversely decrease the cost of certain types of insurance in the long term where a condition has been identified and treated early.
  3. Decrease any opportunity to pursue certain careers where there are certain restrictions based upon health status.


While SPA Medical Services Ltd aims to offer convenient and cost effective services there are regrettably some circumstances where we would not be able to offer these services. The following exclusions will apply:

  1. Health assessments will not be performed on any person under the age of 21.
  2. Health assessments will not be performed in the absence of a valid and signed consent form.
  3. Health assessments will no longer be performed where clients have previously not consented to any referral plan.
  4. Health assessments will not be performed where we deem the client lacks the mental capacity to consent.
  5. Health assessments will not be performed in unclean or unsafe environments.
  6. SPA Medical Services Ltd may decide at its discretion to withhold health checks for any other reason that is not unlawful.

Costs and payment

Any costs publicised on our website should be considered accurate and up to date. For ‘one-off’ health assessments clients can pay by cash, debit/credit card, or bank transfer. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques. Refunds requested for any reason may be given at our discretion and will be decided individually on the merits of the issue raised. Costs and payment terms for employee health assessments will be decided and arranged on an individual basis.