SPA Medical was launched by a small group of healthcare professionals. As healthcare professionals we saw the benefits that employee wellness programs and health assessments could bring in terms of health outcomes, but we also saw many problems in terms of their cost and their delivery.

We researched other companies that deliver employee wellness programs and found almost comprehensively that where such employee benefits take place they are often delivered by unqualified people, or where they were delivered by qualified and competent people the cost or the distance to travel could be prohibitive; particularly when these are required outside London or the Southeast.

From that point we decided to do things differently and sought to create a service that could be run and delivered by qualified and registered healthcare professionals, but also one that was cost effective and could be taken to the client. These three principles are core to our service model, which when combined with our ethos of quality and client advocacy allow us to offer a unique service.




  • Damien Cominos


    Damien holds a Level 3 Professional Certificate in Managing Health & Social Care; he is an HCPC registered paramedic with over two decades experience in health care including some fifteen years frontline NHS service. Damien is passionate about providing an exceptional service to his patients and clients, and has a keen interest in health promotion.

  • Nikolai Naylor


    Nikolai has been a chartered accountant since 1997; he has had various finance roles with large companies such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Shell, as well as smaller businesses. Nikolai became the Financial Director of Spa Medical because he saw the benefit the service can provide employers as well as employees and knows that employee wellbeing is key to any business.

  • Ellie Avery


    Ellie has a background in US travel and property sales; she brings a vast array of experience in client satisfaction and ensures our processes and organisational policies meet the needs of our clients, and that their experience with us is maintained at the very high standards we demand. Ellie has an interest in vegetarian cuisine, travel and fitness.

  • PAUL Knop –
    Business Development Director

    Paul is a professional business director with a passion for meeting the needs of existing clients and forging new relationships. Paul has a wealth of experience with business clients of all shapes and sizes, and always goes the extra mile to meet their needs. Paul enjoys golf and walking.

  • Staff photo of Tamara Olseen

    Tamara Olseen
    Clinical Operations Director

    Tamara is an HCPC paramedic with nearly 10 years experience in frontline NHS services and also has a BSc in Chemistry. She is always looking for ways to better the care provided to people to ensure they live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Tamara enjoys keeping fit as well as travelling to different parts of the world.


Gemma Farina

At SPA Medical, we want to keep employees fit, healthy and in work. However, some staff illness is simply unavoidable and we’ve partnered with Gemma Farina HR, an independent human resources consultancy, to help you manage these situations. GFHR takes a really personal approach to supporting businesses. By using the latest cloud technology and bespoke HR packages, GFHR can help you stay on top off all your absence management and put in place robust procedures that will protect both your company and your people.


Oviva is a market leading provider of dietary and nutrition advice. Our partnership with Oviva helps our clients to improve their heath by finding the diet and lifestyle that works for them. Their team of dieticians have a broad medical knowledge and are able to advise on any medical and nutritional concerns they may have. Their knowledge and expertise compliments our health assessments and the work we do to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Flying Colours

SPA Medical are delighted to be working in partnership with Flying Colours. The team behind Flying Colours have many years of experience in financial advice and the investment injury. We have partnered with Flying Colours so our clients can protect themselves against the cost of unforeseen illness and absence from work, and because we believe their expertise and diligence can provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive advice and products at a great price.