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Dr David Cartland MBChB BMedSci is a fully qualified doctor and GP. His First-Class Honours degree in Biomedical science included a year of specialist immunology and microbiology/virology training including statistical analysis.

Between his two degrees Dr Cartland worked for a year in the angiogenesis research group at the University of Birmingham and he is a published author in angiogenesis research; he is a General Practitioner with some fourteen years’ experience.

About this Service

Few people are unaware of the extreme pressures facing the NHS and primary care services such as GP Practices. Unfortunately in many circumstances these pressures often lead to lengthy waiting times or a rushed service. Our GP consultation service is not seeking to capitalise on these problems, rather we aim to offer an ethical and competent service without the wait. We can’t do it for free but we have ensured our prices are low by industry standards.

How can we help?

Dr Cartland can help with a variety of issues including:

How does it work?

  1. To rule out any emergencies you will first be directed towards our GP triage page; click the details that apply to you. If we believe you need immediate help you will automatically be advised what to do. 
  2. Once the need for immediate help is ruled out simply select a convenient date and time from the calendar and fill out the form in as much detail as possible; depending on the reason for the consultation we may contact you and ask for any photos or further information so we can give you the very best help. 


£35 per consultation
£10 for referral letter

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