Eating a healthy lunch

We all have a general idea how to eat more healthily, and we all know which, out of broccoli or a fast food burger is more likely to bless us with that Michelin tyre that would be far better suited to our car than our bellies; but it is tricky and easier said than done, especially when we’re in a hurry.
So, rather than this article just telling you to eat more salad let’s look at some of the barriers to healthy eating. Common (perceived) barriers include cost, time, imagination, some even say taste. Let’s create just one meal (as space is limited) that can overcome those barriers. We’ll call the meal in this article Mackerel Prendre Plaiser (somebody will catch us out with that posh French name; let’s hope it was translated properly!)

OK, the barriers:

> Cost – a tin of mackerel in extra virgin olive oil (65p); a third of a red onion (6p); cherry tomatoes (30p); a small amount of broccoli (20p); a third of a bag of gnocchi (25p);a sprinkle of oregano (1p) – grand total £1 .47 (a fast food burger meal meal is £4.29).
> Time – chop the onion and mix in bowl with the oregano and mackerel (including oil); boil gnocchi until it floats to the top (it takes two minutes); serve the contents of the bowl, with the gnocchi, tomatoes and broccoli – altogether it takes under five minutes.
> Imagination – this article is giving you an idea! Hurrah.
> Taste – yum yum!

Eating a healthy Lunch

It’s difficult to imagine a meal that is so quick and cheap, and that contains so many goodies. Mackerel (a superfood) is an oily fish it is great to help against cardiovascular disease (heart attack/disease and stroke), prostate cancer, deteriorating vision and dementia. It contains
vitamins D and B and selenium (an antioxidant). Red onions (a superfood) serve as a blood thinner further reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and also contain essential amino acids, fibre, folic acid and more vitamin B. Tomatoes (another superfood) contain loads of goodies from antioxidants to multiple vitamins; they are known to help against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Broccoli, (yet another superfood) contains fibre, more antioxidants, and vitamin A to help with iron absorption, this humble vegetable is also known to help against cancer. Gnocchi is largely made from potato which is a great source of energy giving carbohydrate, potassium, and load of great vitamins and minerals. This nutritious meal has around half the calories of a fast food burger meal, it has so many more goodies inside, and is a fraction
of the cost. 

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