Exercise at work

How to exercise at work – A few tips

If you’re a brick layer or a gardener there probably isn’t much point in you reading this article, but many of us work in offices or in other jobs
where inadequate physical movement may be detrimental to your health. Obesity (and the health implications that go with that), diabetes, and even blood clots are all linked to sedentary lifestyles.
But how can we be more active if we’re working forty hours a week in a job that needs us to be still? We’ve all been encouraged to use the stairs instead of a lift but what if you stay on the same floor all the time or your workplace is on the thirtieth floor – it’s a good concept but we can be more imaginative.

So here are five tips to keep you moving in a stationary job:

>If possible walk around while you’re on the phone – it’s not the most intensive of exercise but better than sitting down all the time; besides, most people concentrate more when they’re walking around.
> Squat each time you go to the loo – this doesn’t mean having a wee on the floor! Bend your knees so your lower legs are at right angles to your thighs and stand up again. Do this ten times each time you use the loo or even at your desk.
> Extend each leg twenty times – while you’re at your desk extend your left leg and bend it again; do it twenty times and now do the same with your right leg. Do this as often as you want. 
>Use the stairs more than you have to – we’re moving beyond the lift now; when you take a flight of stairs and reach the top go back down and take the stairs again. 
> Exercise in your break – I know most of us would prefer to sit and relax on our break but why not set aside ten minutes a day. Climb the stairs as much as you can; find a quiet place to do some sit-ups, knee bending exercises or any other useful exercise. 


Everything you do will help to combat a sedentary workplace lifestyle and reduce the risk of obesity and other related diseases. If your employer is a client of SPA Medical Services and you have taken the option of the bespoke personal training as part of your package then feel free to contact your personal trainer for more advice.

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