Mental Health

Let’s talk about stress, anxiety, and depression…

Sometimes people may not realise that they are suffering with stress, depression or anxiety. Awareness of how you feel is the beginning of finding a solution to possible emotional problems. Help is out there if you feel you need it. Many people tend to just “get on with it” but you do not have to tolerate or endure these unpleasant symptoms when help is available. With various interventions such as talking therapies/counselling or medical treatments or simply a break from the thing that is causing you the problems, symptoms may be
alleviated. Symptoms can change depending on the circumstances for each individual. To gain a good understand of any issues you, or
somebody you know is experiencing it’s helpful to define them. 

Depression is feeling severely sad, sorrowful, miserable, or low in mood which may cause other physical symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, poor appetite, and a loss of interest in enjoying life.

Anxiety is feeling nervous, or distressed, or worrying or uneasiness with or without a good reason; it can also cause physical symptoms such as a fast heartbeat, sweating, butterflies in the stomach, shaking, and headaches.

Stress is an unpleasant feeling of pressure or tension caused by challenging or demanding circumstances such as work, or family situations. It can also cause physical symptoms such as racing thoughts, poor sleep, and anxiety.

Obviously it would be impossible to go through modern life without feeling some of these symptoms occasionally; problems arise when people feel symptoms such as these regularly or even every day. The human body simply hasn’t had time to evolve defences to the detriments of modern life, and as such poor mental health can quickly become poor physical  health. However, there is help available from your GP and other services. And, if your employer is a client of SPA Medical Services you can simply log into the client area of our website for access to our confidential self assessment mental health toolkit.

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