Educational services

Here we aim to encourage good health through an educational approach and advice that can facilitate better health choices where required.

Unlimited health advice service

Like all of our services, our health advice service is operated by fully qualified and registered healthcare professionals, all of whom are NHS Pathways trained and have many years experience in health and/or social care. We understand that the help and information people need often encompasses far more than a simple medical enquiry. We can help – employees can consult us at anytime on a hugely diverse range of issues, the following are just a few examples:

  • General health information
  • Medication enquiries
  • Information about available services
  • Concerns about older family members
  • Special needs information
  • Mental health issues
  • Child and maternity advice

This service is initially accessed through the client area of our website; as a responsible and ethical organisation we first rule out any potential emergencies or urgent situations (if this arises users are immediately directed to the best level of care); following this, employees are invited to contact us and a consultation will take place by email or telephone depending on the employee’s preference.

SPA Medical Health and Wellness magazine

These magazines are written by our own healthcare professionals, copies of this publication will be delivered twice each year to your workplace. Each edition is packed with health information such as diabetes awareness, smoking cessation, mental health awareness, tips and ideas, healthy recipes, ‘focus on’ features, and more.


View a sample magazine

Workplace wellness posters

These posters are designed by our own healthcare professionals and educate employees on a range of subjects from mental health issues, to diabetes, to cholesterol, to high blood pressure, to smoking cessation and more. Employers can choose which they would prefer, what sizes, and how many. The workplace posters are supported by our health advice service where employees are invited to contact us to discuss the subject (or any other issue) that the poster raises.

example spa medical diabetes information poster

Health information memorandums

Whenever there is a public health issue we will research the subject and send you a timely information memorandum for distribution among all your employees. Previous memorandums include:

  • Contaminated eggs
  • Zika virus
  • Australian flu
  • Measles outbreak
  • Ebola
  • Increasing strokes in the young