Proactive services

Here we offer your employees tangible services that will facilitate much healthier lifestyles, as well as services your employees will perceive as a benefit.

Diet and Nutrition Consultation

Diet-related conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and food allergies are posing an ever growing challenge to the nation’s health. We offer employees the very best in diet and nutrition consultations. These consultations are based not only on the aims of employees, but are also delivered (where applicable) in conjunction with any identified areas of need, as indicated by our health assessment and linked to the bespoke personal training advice where this is delivered. This multi-pronged approach ensures employees reduce any health risks while increasing fitness, self-confidence, and self-esteem. This can only be good for your business. Dependent on the package clients choose for their employees, the consultations can take place throughout the service period.

Individually Tailored Personal Training

This unique service won’t be found in any other wellness package. Our in-house personal trainer holds a sports science degree from Loughborough University and has many years of experience in coaching and educating clients on a personalised basis.

Employees will have a bespoke personal training routine created based on their personal aims and needs, and their gender and age. Where applicable, the training routine will also take into account any issues that have been identified by our health assessments and will work in conjunction with the employee’s dietary consultations. They will receive regular updated routines and have regular contact and access to our personal trainer to discuss their goals and progress.