Reactive services

Health Assessments

Comprehensive Health Assessments – Our health assessments have been specifically designed for SPA Medical Services by our healthcare professionals. They can indicate the presence of multiple illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, poor lung function, high cholesterol, and much more. Our health assessments are comprehensive and always performed by registered and qualified healthcare professionals using highly sophisticated equipment. As qualified professionals, if we discover something we feel warrants further investigation, we can make a direct referral to the employees GP on their behalf.

Watch one of our trained assessors performing a health check:

Self Assessment Mental Health Toolkit

One of the most common causes of employee absence are mental health issues. Our mental health assessment portal has been developed exclusively for SPA Medical Services by our qualified and registered healthcare professionals. Employees have unlimited access to this service and will gain a good indication if they are suffering with stress, anxiety, or depression. Whether or not mental health issues are indicated, employees are invited to contact our in-house mental health nurse for advice or further help.

Employee Counselling Service

As with all our services, our employee counselling service exceeds the standards clients might expect. Like any employee counselling service your staff are free to contact us to discuss anything of concern to them. We make the following promises:

  • Always an in-house counsellor
  • Your employees will always talk to the same person
  • Unlimited access
  • NHS Pathways trained
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse
  • Follow-up calls to help ensure a resolution
  • Professional GP referral if required

For employees, our service is confidential and provided by experts who will give them the best possible help and advice.